Friday, 30 January 2009

Artists 11

11 urban artists have been commissioned to create an original piece of art to generate awareness that 1 in 11 men will get prostate cancer.

The Artists 11 artists are reaching out to the younger generation to highlight the issue of prostate cancer through the broad appeal of urban art, as well as giving something back to the wider community.

Reaching 175 x 60cm, the dimensions of the canvases are those of an average man; the life size work emphasising this real life problem faced by the 35,000 men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK every year.

Artists 11 will be on show prior to going to Bonhams for auction on 24 February 2009.

The pictures will be exhibited from 12th – 17th February 2009 at:
Shop 14, Old Truman Brewery, 15 Hanbury Street,
London E1 6QR

Private View: 11th Feb, 6.30pm

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Luke Frost in Residence

Luke Frost in Residence

On Friday 23rd January I made the trip down to Tate St Ives to see the Private View of Cornwall based artist Luke Frost’s exhibition, the result of a year long residency in the neighboring Porthmeor Studios.

The exhibition features a number of canvases with his signatu
re flat field of colour each with a contrasting stripe crossing from top to bottom disrupting the otherwise faultless plain of colour. A number of panoramic format canvases are hung one above the other climbing the tall gallery wall linking the space with the balcony level through a large nautical style porthole window peering down at the work. The bright orange colour in these paintings have the look of a changing sky of the evenings sun, while the hang is reminiscent of Donald Judd’s stack works. A new development from the residency are Frost’s corner pieces, these aluminum panels were designed and built by John Jones in collaboration with the artist creating two equally sized panels welded at right angles to sit flush in the corner of the room. The larger of the set, a 4 x 4 ft corner piece is constructed out of 2” deep welded subframe with 2mm primed aluminum sheet, the finished piece installed in the exhibition draws the viewer into the space with eyes sprawling across the two walls it bridges. Confronted with the work the viewer is engulfed by the deep blue huw built up with multiple layers of thinned paint application, drawn in by the flatness and richness of colour with a two tone stripe this time running through the centre between the 2 plains.

The show runs until 4th May and what better reason to go than to take in the dramatic seascape and a yummy Cornish pasty.

Andy Wicks

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Voodoo at Riflemaker


79 Beak Street Regent Street London W1F 9SU

"The act of putting brush to canvas is the act of lyrical intuition, and in that act, in that instant, the personality and indeed the spirituality of the artist revealed" Francis Bacon, quoted Herbert Reed Art Now 1933

The work runs though themes of sacrifice, spells, spirits, power, and sex. It is a consideration of the act of creation as ritual and sacrament.

January 20th - 4th April 2009

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Paint it Black

Artists accuse colleges of promoting a 'celebrity culture' among students - who think they can hit the big time despite the economic climate. Jessica Shepherd reports for The Guardian.

Do today’s fine art graduates have too many opportunities?

Do today’s fine art graduates have too many opportunities? Pearce and Ramsey respond to Matt Lippiatt's article in a-n.

Dear Editor,

Matt Lippiatt’s review of ‘Best in Show’ featured in December’s publication raised important matters for recent graduates and the direction they should take upon leaving higher education. The student survey show has certainly become standard post degree fare. However, although these exhibitions can be seen as soulless money making ventures, they are also opportunities for all the artists involved, not only the curators, to learn the ropes of exhibiting professionally while allowing audiences to experience work that would otherwise be largely inaccessible. Of course there are the degree shows- but walking through institution after institution and seeing works arranged by medium and department alone, is often an exhausting and uninspiring experience. To be able to exhibit in a new environment outside of the institution so soon after graduating is gladly welcomed and often serves as motivation to make new work.

Young graduates should be encouraged to exhibit. The recent graduate faces the loss of a network of fellow students who have been their most ardent critics and only through exhibiting can artists improve and gain feedback. What we find particularly unconstructive is Lippiatt’s concern that the artists exhibited in ‘Best of Show’ are in the early stages of their artistic careers. The art world is intimidating enough with its cliques and hierarchies, the last thing that artists at the start of their careers need is another artist sneering at their inexperience. Criticism of their work could be understood but an article that focuses solely on their career stage without reference to their art is unjust. These exhibitions are labeled as graduate survey shows and make no attempt to masquerade as anything else. They should not be viewed as finished conclusions but as the first tentative steps into an unfamiliar world.

Having recently left college ourselves we set up Pearce & Ramsey not to ‘win a career’ but to act as the next step in developing our knowledge of exhibiting and create a network of artists that is not institution specific. Ambition is often viewed with suspicion but ultimately there aren’t enough available opportunities unless graduates create them for themselves. The concept of the exhibition was not original or unique but the work exhibited by the artists was, it's just a shame that Lippiatt didn't find room in his article to discuss it!

Yours Sincerely,

Naomi Pearce and Gavin Ramsey

Monday, 12 January 2009

Websites and networks

arthuddle aims to encourage an exchange of ideas and information between members of creative networks. Over the next few weeks arthuddle will be posting information and reviews of sites that we think are an extremely valuable resource for artists, galleries and reviewers.

First up a-n.

a-n magazine has developed a subscription website that acts as a portal to a number of information rich sites for all interested in the visual arts. It is designed to represent the multiple voices and wide range of activities and industry insights within contemporary visual arts. When launched in 1980, a-n said it would be "an open communication channel for artists”

a-n has developed ‘Interface’. ‘Interface’ provides a platform for critical writing regarding contemporary art.

Interface ‘what’s on’ section is devoted to listings of exhibitions and events that are on throughout the UK and Europe. It also allows a-n subscribers to post their own exhibition listings.

‘Reviews unedited’ is a section where a-n writers post
reviews and subscribers are asked to add and comment. It also allows subscribers to read reviewers biographies and see all reviews they've written for a-n.

Interface allows budding reviewers who are looking for writing work to publish articles along with their email and website details.

Through interface Artists can have a free listing, have their show reviewed and gain peer feedback and critique. Writers can join the a-n writer’s community and have the opportunity to develop their critical writing skills as well as providing opportunities, self-promotion and networking. Galleries, artists and reviewers alike can use this site as a place to research the latest shows, events and trends in the contemporary art world.

Another link on a-n takes us to “Artists talking”

This section of the website is dedicated to opening channels of communication between artists. Subscribers are asked to submit blog entries, answer relevant questions on professional practice and to upload images of their work. ‘Artists talking’ is a unique space to explore artists' insights and perspectives on contemporary practice.

Another support network created by a-n is ‘degree unedited’ this is a forum set up to provide support and communication between students regarding their degree shows. It offers blogs, reviews on past degree shows and valuable tips for students entering into their final year.

a-n has a section for research with online academic articles, publications, competition listings, residencies and studios. It also provides a list of jobs and opportunities. Finally if you have not found enough information on this extensive site a-n provides links to other specialised artist networks.

Have a look and tell us what you think of the a-n. Please feel free to recommend any of your favorite sites.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Artist Surfaces Workshops

Artist Surfaces Workshop Jan 23rd

Over recent years we have experienced increased demand from Collectors and Art Institutions for re-stretching and restoration services. This is mainly due to the original supports being weak or out of square, leading to longer term problems with the work. John Jones has developed free workshops that address these issues. Through the workshops John Jones aims to ensure that artists are fully informed on the importance of selecting the correct supports and preparing the surface so that later problems such as warping and surface deterioration can be avoided to the greatest extent.

The workshops last approximately 90 minutes and are led by the head technician of the artist surfaces department at John Jones. Intended to stimulate discussion about the current surfaces that participating artists are using, the workshops enable us to address any technical problems that the artists may be tackling. During the workshop the technicians work with the artists to readdress the fundamentals of stretching, advising on how to select the most appropriate surfaces for their work and considerations to take in order to maximize longevity.

Workshops are free of charge. For more information on our workshops please contact Elizabeth Gossling on +44 (0)20 7281 5439.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

John Jones Frame Sale

Reclaimed frames, new frames and artist materials.
Frames start from £5!

4 Morris Place off Stroud Green Rd N4 3JG
+44 (0)20 7281 5439