Monday, 23 February 2009

Artist in Residence- Jan Hendrickse

Second Post

I have spent my last couple of visits getting to know how the company works, and I am beginning to know my way around now. I have started testing the pyrophone (Aluminium tube) with the blowtorch, and it works fine. There are a lot of interesting sounds to be found, and I’m sure that it will sound great in the project space. We tried a five metre pipe which had lots of overtones. The remaining questions are how to develop an object that works for the space but also works as an instrument. I’m still trying to figure out how long the tubes ought to be. I’d really like to get some John Jones employees to play the pyrophone in the performance – any takers??

I have had some new ideas about making an object that is just a frame, but which houses speakers in a particular way, more on this later. I’ve got to find the speakers in large numbers…

I’ve just received some vibration motors that I ordered and have started messing around with them. I hope to find ways of using them to create some constant sound textures using the materials here. I have already started disturbing people with my whining feedback tones – the joys of having a sound artist in residence! So, gradually materials and my tools are finding their way to the project space, and I’m able to actually try things out. I need to find more amplifiers and speakers, I think. Lizzie has suggested making some audio for the upstairs areas, (where the exhibition and consultation spaces are) I think this will have to be quite minimal, in order not to completely disrupt everything, but it’s a great idea. I would like to use some of the sounds that I have recorded in the production areas, I’m interested to see how these sounds will seem in a new context. I’ll try to post some audio very soon, so you can hear some of the sounds that I’ve recorded.

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