Thursday, 18 June 2009

Paperview Panel Discussion - Kate Jones

Last night we held a panel discussion for Paperview, exploring the subjects of work on paper and collecting art. Writer Martin Holman chaired the discussion, which as well as the curator of Paperview Danny Rolph, included Lizzie Neilson, Head of Collections at The Zabludowicz Collection, JD Evans, co founder of the Lodeveans Collection and myself on behalf of the John Jones Contemporary Collection.

Danny spoke about his ongoing fascination with paper as a material. He doesn't see it as a passive form waiting for instruction, but as more of a partner in the creative process. A self described 'cultural magpie', he highlighted some of the playful gestures incorporated into the installation of Paperview, such as the birds by Chris Ofili and Hurvin Anderson , both perched on one of the lines that run around the space, watched keenly by Paul Houseley's Cat, Velazquez, which is placed above Pauline Kraneis' watercolour of a net curtain.

I found it fascinating to hear more about The Zabludowicz and Lodeveans Collections - their reasons for existing, how the collections support artists, the acquisitions strategies in place and so on. The Zabludowicz Collection is particularly impressive - as well as the collection itself, they have a separate set up to focus specifically on commissioning artists.

The three collections have been founded for very different reasons and operate in very different ways, but are clearly linked by a passion for art and artists.

At the end of the discussion, Martin asked each of us to select a work from the exhibition that had caught our eye. Interestingly myself and JD both chose a small abstract work by a young artist that Danny had invited to exhibit work - Flo Pullin (she'd also caught Martin's eye). Lizzie chose a wonderful minimalist diptych by Anna Barriball from the Lodeveans Collection.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with a great turnout of over 40 people.

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