Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Contemporary Photography – Bridget Coaker

Troika Editions

I have for a long time fantasised about running a photography gallery. So sometime in the middle of last year, sitting around with my business partner chewing over some ideas we hit upon the idea of a gallery without walls – an online contemporary photography space where we could pursue our passion for photography; support up and coming artists and perhaps influence the way art lovers and collectors could access really good artwork. And so after many months of planning, selecting work and designing the website, we launched Troika Editions in the Spring of 2009.

After Reynolds by Victoria Hall
[link for image -

We had some key ideas about how the site should look and work. Firstly we wanted it to be proactive, constantly providing fresh material for people to come and look at and hopefully buy. So every week we issue a newsletter and post up new work, sometimes showcasing a series by just one artist and sometimes exhibiting a selection of artists.

Next we wanted to expand the collecting audience, reach people who like the idea of owning art but have never felt comfortable going into a gallery to buy work. The intention is to appeal to people who are both net savvy and would like to start collecting artworks. We thought it be would really important to get the pricing right and so we introduced the idea of having three print sizes in different edition runs with the very affordable starting price of £35.

Thirdly we thought it was really important to provide information about the artwork and the artists who had produced it. Using the facilities the web can offer, we introduced video interviews, where each artist chats about how they make their work. We also post up short reviews and biographies and a light hearted Q & A where the artists reveal which music they would like played at their funerals.

Combined Unity #3 by Jo Holland [Link for image

So we are three months in, and we are looking forward to an exciting future for us, our artists and our new collectors.

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