Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Sarah Kate Wilson 'Lunar Rainbow' opens this Friday!

Sarah Kate Wilson is an emerging British abstract painter who has been the John Jones artist in residence since August 2009. Throughout her residency she has created ‘Lunar Rainbow’, a nonsensical world where frivolity and flirtation are at play transforming the project space gallery into an interactive painted environment. Walkways guide the viewer into the space where swings replace conventional viewing and seating platforms and works are observed whilst wading through a ball pool.

To accompany this playful exhibition the Laurel Collective in association with Supine Studios will be performing, and the Two Blind Pigs will be making glittery, popping candy cocktails!

Private View 9th October 6 - 10pm
Exhibition 12th October - 13th November
Open Wednesday - Friday 10am - 5pm

Please RSVP to marketing@johnjones.co.uk

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