Wednesday, 27 January 2010

John Jones Artist In Residence Mariana Heilmann

Artist Residency at John Jones February 2010

Mariana Heilmann transforms mundane objects into works of intense lyrical beauty. Taking disposable objects she creates sculptural two-dimensional pieces that have an extraordinary clarity and resonance

As part of documenting her month long residency at John Jones, Mariana will be posting several blog updates to discuss the progress of her work and her experience of working at John Jones.

Entry 1

I will be starting an artist’s residency at John Jones next Tuesday for the month of February. Having already spent many hours and days there completing several commissions, I know from experience how things work at JJ….“Professionally” would be an understatement. Everything runs like clockwork; quietly, efficiently, precisely…all the while, works of art of all shapes, sizes, styles and mediums arrive and leave in beautiful, perfectly crafted and pristine frames.
It is an inspiration just to be there.

The byproducts of such an extensive establishment are manifold. Many materials are handled and utilized, and in the process a myriad of waste products are generated. In my current work I explore the potential of abandoned and discarded products of our contemporary life….it is in objects such as plastic milk bottles for example, that I see endless possibilities to explore the qualities of this otherwise unappreciated material. I cast a light on the materials of discarded objects revealing and enhancing the unapparent beauty.

Whilst at John Jones my intention is to create a small body of work using the waste products that I will gather from the workshops. I have some ideas of where to begin, but it is in the handling that the possibilities will show themselves. I will also be working on a large commission made entirely with the plastic from about 200 milk bottles. (Wave of PeaceII)

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