Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Artist in Residence - Jan Hendrickse

Post 3

In the last few days I have been editing the sounds recorded around the site and preparing them for the installation. This involves composing the sound piece that will be played through the materials prepared in the project space. I am still discovering more about these materials and how they behave. They have their own peculiarities, like any natural product, which makes them fascinating visually as well as sonically. The paper has been absorbing moisture from the atmosphere which changes the way it hangs as well as how it responds to the sounds. So now it's a piece which changes according to atmospheric conditions! The various elements of the installation are being constructed, and I'm very much looking forward to getting it all into the space and seeing what it looks and sounds like. I am now working on composing a text for the musicians to use for their performance on Friday, so I'm hoping it will be a very interesting event. There's plenty left to do...

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