Thursday, 5 March 2009

Jan Hendrickse - Artist in Residence

Jan Hendrickse - Artist in Residence

Post 3

Since my last post Ped has helped me hang some very large sheets of paper in the project space. I have been experimenting with passing very low frequency sound through these sheets, and observing the changes. At first I used 6 – 12 Hz sine tones, but now I am using recordings that I have made at John Jones. These recordings have been processed in the computer to lower the frequency. The sound is almost inaudible, but you can feel the vibrations. The visual effect is really good when it is lit from an angle to emphasise the vibrations in the paper. There are still lots of experiments to do, but I’m really happy with the results so far. I’m hoping to make three of these pieces, each using a different kind of sound to activate it.

Paul also built the prototype pyrophones today, and they sound pretty good. They look great and I’m hoping that they will sound even better in the project space. We’ll see…. I’m also working on some minimal sounds for the exhibition space, so hopefully there will be some sound happening in there before too long.

If anyone would like to see a demo of anything I’m working on, you are welcome to book an appointment.

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