Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Modern Moral Matters - Exhibition by Richard Hamilton

The Serpentine Gallery in London are currently displaying Modern Moral Matters; a series of artworks by British artist, Richard Hamilton.

The exhibition will feature installations, prints and paintings all based around the subjects of international politics, riots, terrorist acts and war. By displaying the political works of Hamilton in a fresh light, the exhibition seeks to examine the impact that changing media has had upon the way conflicts are reported.

Modern Moral Matters, also explores how Hamilton uses and reuses found materials, particularly photographs. A key example of this, Swingeing London, is housed in the John Jones Contemporary Art Collection.

The piece is part of a series of 10 different incarnations of the same press image, that of Mick Jagger and Hamilton’s then art dealer Robert Fraser’s arrest for drug possession. Reproduced as an oil painting, screenprint, etching, pencil, pastel and watercolour these will be in display beside the other works until 25th April 2010.

For more information on the John Jones Art Collection click here.

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