Wednesday, 3 March 2010

John Jones Artist in Residence Mariana Heilmann

Entry 3

Week 2 at JJ was mostly about working on my commission, Wave of Peace II...
At first I felt that it would be like crossing a never ending desert when I saw that huge area to matter how many hours I put in, it seemed like I was not progressing AT ALL. As the week went on, I started to see that indeed I was covering ground, and the beauty of the way the light plays on the surface began to show.

Physically Wave of Peace is a tiring piece to make and a few times I was forced to change activity in order to not exacerbate pinched nerves and an achy back. The muscles in my hands also were pushed hard...

I took a visit to the Metalwork department where they make beautifully polished Aluminium and Brass frames. Paul, who himself is an artist and makes the most amazing robots and lamps out of discarded machine parts, (when not at John Jones) was very generous in his help and enthusiasm about what I am doing during his breaks. (Look at his website ) At the end of one day, Paul and his two colleagues came like the ‘Three Kings’ to my studio bearing marvellous gifts of bits of soldering rods, metal filings, old polishing wheels and metal frame off cuts.

Today a photographer came from REX and took photos of my Blade Studies for some possible press....

Everyone at John Jones is extremely helpful and friendly. Italo, who is a HUOMO UNIVERSALE has put great lighting in the studio, set up shelves for me and set me up with two great working tables.

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