Thursday, 25 February 2010

John Jones Prepare Canvas for Nasser Azam's Antarctica Project

As part of his Performance Painting project, artist Nasser Azam will be travelling to Antarctica where he will create a series of nine paintings in the coldest place on Earth.

John Jones has worked with Azam to produce specially designed canvases that will withstand the -30C conditions. Azam is hoping to take inspiration from the harsh landscape, 24 hour sunlight and extreme physical conditions when composing his work on the 3m x 3m canvases which he will lay on the ice.

"I have prepared the canvases in the core colours - a red, a blue, a yellow - I am keeping the palette to a very simple colour scheme. I want to see how I can visualise everything against the starkness of everything being white."

Azam, whose previous works include painting in zero gravity, has been preparing for the sub zero conditions by spending time in the freezers of Billingsgate market. The trip marks a new phase in his long term Performance Painting series, designed to challenge the limits of his creativity in extreme circumstances. Once completed, Azam's nine works will be displayed on an international tour.

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Photograph courtesy of Nasser Azam.

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