Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Art Against Knives

I was asked on Friday by a client if it was possible to help out with a project a family member was involved in. This project being ‘Art against Knives’. It was set up by a student of Saint Martins College (Katie Dawe) in support of a student friend (Oliver Hemsley) that had been a victim of a vicious knife attack. The charity event had attracted support from leading artists which kindly donated work into an auction to help the youngster live the life that he very nearly lost. The students of Saint Martins pulled together with immense enthusiasm to create this event and clearly were all on the same wave length. When we arrived at Shoreditch Town Hall there was clearly a lot of work to do so I was really happy to help out with their request of assisting with the installation. These guys were brilliant and I really enjoyed working with them. Nick Clark was a star and gave up his Sunday to help me. I really do wish Oliver a strong recovery and look forward to seeing these inspirational people again.

Nick Allen - Head of Installation at John Jones

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