Friday, 8 May 2009

Jan Hendrickse - Final Entry

The final performance at John Jones is now finished, and the installation has (pretty much) been removed. The performance and workshop on the 23rd April gave us an opportunity to see how the project space worked for performance (Or a somewhat experimental mix of performance alongside an installation.) I think that it's a great space that should continue to be used for all kinds of performance-based events. Nitin Lachhani and Jim Howard performed on the night as well as Paul and Jon from John Jones. Nitin also installed his salvaged computer monitor instruments for the evening which added a great new dimension to the event. I'm now in the process of assessing what the period of the residency has meant for my work and for the company. I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity, and to have been able to learn so much in such a short time. I never imagined that it would be possible to produce a show, but it did happen - due in no small part to the help, support and commitment of staff at John Jones. I have been inspired by the extremely positive attitude here, which makes me feel energised. Working in a commercial environment is naturally very different from either educational or not-for-profit organisations and I have really enjoyed it (things get done faster!) At the same time I did have plenty of time to scratch my head and make some experiments that didn't work.The feedback that has come from having a pretty finished outcome has also been invaluable. I have had the opportunity to show work and get a range of opinions and ideas about how it might be developed. One key area, which will always be an important part of my work, is collaboration. I will now be thinking about a wider range of strategies to engage people in the development of artworks. This has been a particular challenge at John Jones because everyone is so busy, but it has certainly set my mind working..... Besides this, there are lots of technical ideas that I now want to follow up - experiments which may result in new ways of making work. I realise that these ideas would not have occurred to me without the space, materials and expertise that are available at John Jones.

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