Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Artist Studio - Andy Wicks

Artist Studios

I recently moved into a studio in Bethnal Green, the first proper studio I’ve had since graduating in 2006. For the past few years I have worked out of a corner of my bedroom without much difficulty, compromising living space and a fume free environment I found that I could work on suitable large scale canvases and store a back catalogue of works without much disruption. I wasn’t particularly looking for a studio as I didn’t feel I was missing out and the financial implication seemed prohibitive. I learnt that a good friend from university who I’ve exhibit with regularly since graduation had found a studio share with SPACE studios at a great price which put the seed in my mind, it wasn’t until I saw an advert on Artist News / Jobs (the Arts Council daily email listing) looking for artist to take over a space in a studio share did I actually consider viewing one.

The studio is with ACAVA a not for profit organisation offering subsidised studios for rent to artists in return for opening up cultural and educational opportunities through open studios and educational collaborations. Similar organisations offer subsidised studios around London include SPACE and ACME.

The studio itself is shared with 4 other who work in various medias. The space is split 5 ways with a large communal table in the middle of the room for larger works, and in my case stretching canvases. My area is predominately wall based for large canvases with enough floor space for a couple of easels, a desk and storage. Like many studios it has 24 hour access for those late night sessions when deadlines are fast approaching and due to its busy east London location is surrounded by numerous galleries to pop into when it’s all getting too much or you’re looking for inspiration.

While the commute will take me away from my house (and former studio), a dedicated environment free from all the comfort and mod-cons of home will I hope add a certain discipline to my practice meaning longer stints of working and getting more out of the time spent there.

Andy Wicks

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